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Why do people choose YOURWORLD? For the experience! Our experience is coupled with love, dedication and a total commitment to customer service. We provide the highest quality tours at the most competitive price. We may not be the least expensive, but we will be your best value for every dollar spent.

YourWorld Consultant Group, Inc. has more than twenty-five years of experience designing and operating tours to Brazil. For more than three decades, we have developed lasting friendships within the African-Brazilian community. These relationships have given us a unique opportunity to present an authentic exploration into the African legacy and continuity that is the contemporary Brazilian society. We specialize in designing and developing unique programs and tours that bring you face-to-face with the people, places and events that have been instrumental in continuing the essence and uniqueness of the African culture in Africa and the Americas.

YourWorld Consultant Group custom-designs tours for groups, families and individuals. Although African Heritage is the centerpiece of our programs, we include other traditional tourist sites in our travel itineraries. We can take you to the Iguaçu Falls, in the south of Brazil; or to the Marriage of the Rivers. How about a cruise along the Amazon in Manaus? What would a trip to Brazil be like without a visit to the Corcovado (Christ Statue) and Sugarloaf in Rio de Janeiro?

Do you have a special interest like: music, dance, cooking, or perhaps you just need some leisure-time travel? Let the travel consultants at YourWorld create a unique one-of-a-kind program based on your own personal specifications.

YourWorld Consultant Group Educational Foundation, Inc. offers university level educational programs through our African Diaspora Study Abroad Program. Visit us at http://www.yourworldfoundation.org

YourWorld Consultant Group, Inc. is a special interest market research and development consultant company, dedicated to serving those interested in African Diaspora culture and events. We specialize in, designing, developing, and managing travel packages for groups, organizations, families and individuals. We provide high quality special interest travel packages in the areas of education, culture, religion, business and any combination thereof. During the history of our company, we have been given a wonderful opportunity to provide this service to many groups and individuals with tender loving care, attention and a meticulous eye for detail and efficiency.

OUR EXPERIENCE in the travel business makes YOUR EXPERIENCE one that will last a lifetime.